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Plantopia Professional Hanging Flower Baskets
 The professionals secret for massive trailing 'globe' hanging flower displays.

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  Professional Flower Baskets
Examples of Professional Hanging Baskets
Introducing 'Plantopia' Professional Hanging Flower Baskets

Now anyone can create impressive hanging displays with full-coverage, designer drama.

Growers, Garden Centers, Nurseries Shops, Cafes, Parks, Malls Homeowners, Renters

Make the most of every season with jaw-dropping explosions of color.

Planting larger, more mature plants makes it easier to get a head start on the seasonal bloomers, fruits and vegetables.

Easy, fuss-free planting makes changing your plantings easier than ever. Remember, our planters are UV protected to be used season after season, year after year.

- Made in America with 100%  recycled materials.

- no moss or lining needed

- UV protected for re-use, year after year

- 1" water reservoir for better water retention

- no root damage from squeezing plants through tiny holes in bags or baskets

Resellers and Distributors Wanted

NOTE: The minimum order on this particular product is 350 units (one skid), FOB Bentonville, Ill.

Contact John Schulte, schulte@nmoa.org right now to be connected with the official wholesale representative of this product.

Please include your full name and contact information and business.

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