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Hand Wash Reminder
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  Handwash Reminder Package
Hand Wash Reminder
Winners of an International Silver Medal

Dirty hands spread germs. With the new Handwash Reminder there are no more excuses for not washing dirty hands.

This new product enforces hand washing better than anything on the planet. We all know, the more you wash your hands, the better your chances of not contracting or spreading viruses and diseases, such as the common cold, the flu or norovirus.

This new infection prevention device has a motion sensor that activates a pre recorded message that says “Please, don't forget to wash your hands.” Yes, it actually talks to you. By providing a voice, it creates what is called “an ear worm affect” and the message stays stuck in your head. (Ex: Similar to hearing a song then entering a food store...the song stays stuck in your head for a while.)

The device only activates when a person passes the motion sensor, which activates the pre recorded message, “Please, don't forget to wash your hands.” After 30 seconds, the device resets itself and is ready to capture either the same person or the next person that passes the motion sensor. This ensures that an individual is sure to hear the message and re-enforces hand washing better than signs or posters.

Signs sometimes get overlooked, ignored or are used for employees only, however, you can not avoid a voice reminding you to wash your hands.

Great for the Home, Offices, Schools, Casinos, Day-cares, Restaurants, Theme Parks, Nursing Homes, Department Stores, Convention Centers, Convenience Stores, Hospitals, Doctors Offices, Airports, Resorts, Hotels, any facility on the planet where hand washing needs to be enforced.

The device is battery operated (3AA included), has a High/Low volume control, an On/Off Switch, a mounting bracket and screws. The Handwash Reminder installs in less than a minute! The product is also RoHS compliant, which means it is environmentally safe too, down to the mercury free heavy duty batteries.

Through continuous repetition, the brain conditions itself as second nature. Thus resulting in better hand washing techniques, better hygiene and less of a chance of getting sick...period!

With all the killer viruses and diseases out there, you need to ask yourself...Am I or my family worth the risk?

The Handwash Reminder Retails for $49.99  Wholesale and Distributor prices available upon request.

To find out more about the Handwash Reminder contact us at: www.handwashreminder.com
Phone Danny and Susan Pratts 1- 407-592-7530 info@handwashreminder.com

Pratts Creative Ideas, LLC
5385 Dahlia Reserve Drive
Kissimmee, Florida 34758

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