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Disposable drain strainers made from 100% corn starch

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  Disposable Green Shower Strainer

Green Disposable Sink Tub and Shower Strainers

New Green Product!

In our everyday life we use disposable dishes, utensils, food containers and razor blades among others because they are hygienic, inexpensive and convenient.

All over the planet people are using their original stainless steel or plastic strainers in their homes, offices, hospitals, hotels and schools. These strainers become rife with germs and bacteria due to their continuous contact with food, hair etc.

Strainee's are a line of earth friendly sink, bathtub, and shower strainers to solve the above problems.

- made from 100% cornstarch
- takes as little as 5 months to biodegrade
- if birds, squirrels, or rabbits eat Strainee after disposal, it takes even less than a month for biodegrading.
- a truly environmentally friendly product.
- provides a low cost method of practicing good hygiene and earth friendly responsibility.
- will perfectly compliment your existing line of product mix.

The convenience and disposability will offer your customers an option and boost your sales with repetitive purchases because of the disposability.

Great Profit Margins on these biodegrading products that generate repeat sales.

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