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Granny Lock (TM)
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  Security Door Lock
Door Lock kit
Introducing the Granny Lock (TM)

This ingeniously designed safety product increases privacy and security for any knob operated, inward opening door.

The Granny Lock
(TM) brings you and your family peace of mind. So easy to install it doesn’t even require drilling, the Granny Lock quickly attaches to a standard strike plate and requires only minutes to completely install.

With burglaries and home invasions on the rise in the United States, the Granny Lock
(TM) can provide added security to both interior doors and seldom used or secluded exterior doors that criminals tend to target.

Granny Lock(TM) has been described as both “safe” and easy to use by the Innovation Institute of Everton, Missouri.

Seeking resellers and distributors of all kinds. Packaging for retail sales.

Contact: Dan Hale danhale3@gmail.com  714-417-4913


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