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Nitelite Sports
 Makers of glow in the dark golf ball, football, UFO flying disk and
talking autograph baseballs, hockey puck, and racing tires.

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  Glow in the dark UFO, football and curveball
Recordable Autograph Baseball
Glow in the dark balls and toys

This great new kit contains the new NITELITE FOOTBALL, CURVEBALL and UFO which all LIGHT UP for nitetime family fun in the backyard, on the beach, camping and on the college campus.

These exciting products light up using replaceable and safe 8 inch light sticks. The UFO won the Top Toy of the Year award.

NITELITE SPORTS has been producing lighted sports products since 1975 which are the Brightest in the world.

If it's not a NITELITE it will not be bright!

Millions of the well-known NITELITE GOLFBALLS have been sold in 84 countries. See the NITEGAMES in action at http://bit.ly/nitegames.

Also new are the eight TALKING AUTOGRAPH SPORTSBALLS, PUCKS and RACING TIRES which allow pro players, parents, grandparents and coaches to record and play messages of congratulations, praise and encouragement inside the balls plus get a photo and autograph on them.

Years from now a grandson can hear his grandfather praising him for his game winning homerun, touchdown, basket or goal he scored or great tennis or golf match that he played. That is priceless! They make sports memories live forever!

Two models of the talking baseball are available; Rawlings official league leather baseball, and also a youth league promotional model made from plastic. The plastic model is used for fundraising, sponsorships, and give-a-ways at ballparks and more. The recordable hockey puck is made from a real official puck.

See the TALKING AUTOGRAPH BASEBALLS in action with 22 year Major Leaguer, Bill Buckner, his players and some young ballplayers at http://vimeo.com/26531420 . The seven other talking autograph sports products operate the same way as the talking autograph baseballs. These revolutionary sportsballs also make "FAN-tastic" fundraisers for sports teams, schools and charities.

For further information and pricing contact NITELITE SPORTS at 855-657-7787, 603-515-1090 or email corkyfn@gmail.com.
Please include full contact information with your request.

See all NITELITE SPORTS products at www.nitelitesports.com and www.floatinggreens.com .

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