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  Tri-fold Compact Mirror
Crystal Nail Files
Velvet Nail File Sheath
Fashion Handbags
Gigi brings you -- Sophistication, Practicality, & Affordability

Tri-fold compact mirrors

These cute, envelope-shaped compact mirrors are great gifts for your best friends, Family or even yourself!

Each tri-fold compact opens up to reveal a 1X mirror, 3X mirror, and 5X mirror--perfect for all sorts of touch-ups.

Includes envelope-shaped compact mirrors: available h in red, black, and white Tri-fold design
Scalloped, matte silver tone lid with button logo

Measurements: Closed 3-3/8"W x 2-3/8"L; Open 7-7/8"L x 3-3/8"W

Gigi's Dual Sided Crystal Nail files

Gigi Professional professional Quality Crystal Nail Files are made of tempered glass and each one comes with a velvet sheath for storage. Give your nails the smoothness they deserve.

These Nail Files have become the Hottest Product in the Nail Care Industry because of these Notable Features:

- They are DOUBLE-SIDED Files.
- They never wear out by normal use.
- They smooth the nail delicately repairing/removing prior damage such as the “all too common” tears, nicks, and fractures.
- They clean easily with soap & water and/or alcohol.

Gigi'/s Patented Large Callus File is primarily used for Calluses and exfoliation. It exfoliates hardened skin and gently removes calluses without tearing the skin. It is 6mm thick for durability.
Gigi's Large File can be used on toes and can be used for exfoliation.
Gigi's Medium File is a MANICURE file and comes with a pointed tip for removing dirt from under the nail.
Gigi's Small Mini Ultra File is conveniently sized for portability (e.g., purse, makeup kit).
Gigi's Patented Round Cuticle File promotes healthy cuticles without damage. to cuticles, nails & skin.

These files are unique in color and designed patterns designed but Gigi herself.

Please contact for complete selection. http://www.gigibeautiful.com/

We are seeking retailers of all kinds. Please contact Gigi at: info@gigibeautiful.com

In addition to our beauty products we also have unique fashion handbags and hair jewelry. Please visit our site for more details.

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