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Folding Flip Flops for Women
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Folding Flip Flops come in many colors

Matching Carry Purses for your Folding Flip Flops
New Product Opportunity for USA and many other Countries.

Every woman needs Salvatos!

Salvatos are patented folding flip flops that come in a small case you can put in your purse and forget about until your feet start getting sore.

After a long day at the office or a great night at the city, you would be able to enjoy the comfort of a relaxing , designed and flat flip flops.

Now we don't expect you to walk around holding your beautiful smashing high heels, that's why we have designed an extra folding bag only for them, so you can throw your stilettos in and walk home in style...

With salvatos there will be no more waiting at the beauty salon for your nail polish to dry

With salvatos you will never say no to after work fun with your kids because you can't stand on those high heels anymore

With salvatos you could decide to go to the beach at anytime and pack your suitcase without having to feel stressed about the space you are left with

So woman-throw in your salvatos and give your stilettos a break!


A good solution for space problems in the gym bag or while packing a suitcase

A great solution for sore stilettos feet

An amazingly surprising gift

A spare shoe in your bag in case that your shoe is torn, broken or your high heels are

A spare shoe for spontaneous activities, such as pedicure, a walk with the kids at the park, shopping, beach and such.

Walking back home or to your car, after a crazy party when walking on your high heels is soooo painful and you really donít feel like walking barefooted.

Seeking key resellers and distributors. 6,000 units plus. Be one of the first to sell this product in the USA or the country you live in.

Full and detailed Brand Book with detailed research and ready to go launching campaign.

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