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E-Z Nail On -- Replacement Sliding Door Guide
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Sliding Door Guide Repair

Sliding Closet Door Repair

The E-Z Nail On Door Guide was designed for the DIY hardware market.

E-Z Nail On is a simple to use replacement sliding closet door guide that will save buyers time and money and works on all types of floors.

E-Z Nail On will replace all other type door guides being used today.

Use on all type floors and any width doors. To install into wood floors you just drive steel pins throw the carpet and padding into wood floors in 4 minutes. Will self-adjust to all width doors and height from floor to door height without using any wood blocks.

Sets come in white, walnut or birch in color to match the decor of your room. Designed so doors can be removed in seconds for painting closets without disturbing carpet or door guide by popping the plastic cap off the steel pins. This cuts the closet painting time by 60% or more.

You install E-Z Nail On door guide with doors on the track in minutes with a hammer. You will have to drill three holes in the floor for installing into concrete or tile floors. Template and instructions come with all sets.

E-Z Nail On Features...

* Designed to be installed with a hammer over wood floors.
* Made of steel and will not break.
* Will replace all other type guide ever made.
* Will self adjust to all width doors and door height from the floor.
* Will replace any type metal strips on floor.
* Sets will match the decor of your room of white walnut or birch in color.
* Designed so doors can be removed in a second for any reason.
* Use on all type floors, wood, concrete or tile.
* Install door guide while doors are on track.
* Install them your self and save time and money.
* You don't have to cut carpet around door guide.
* Guarantee to work or you get your money back.
* Easy Installation! You can install them in just seconds!
* A problem solver for doors or floors.
* Should last a life time.

Seeking retailing resellers of all kinds. Retail packaging or mail order packaging available.

To receive wholesale pricing information, place an order, set up an account, or have questions, please contact John Schulte via email at: schulte@nmoa.org please include your full name, company name, and phone number. Thank you.

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