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Drawstring Repair Tool
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  Drawstring Repair Tool in Retail Package
Drawstring Repair Tools Loose
Introducing the Drawstring Repair Tool

Lose the drawstring in your favorite hoodie? That’s aggravating. Lose the drawstring in the waist of your favorite sweatpants? Now that’s an invitation for an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction!

Not to worry, The Drawstring Tool® can fix it. Today’s discovery makes it a cinch to get back into your favorite comfort clothes and sporting apparel. You just insert the tool in the tunnel of the garment, hook the lost drawstring, and then gently pull. No more hunting down safety pins or trying to stuff a pencil or knitting needle through that drawstring tunnel.

The Drawstring Tool can:

· Easily get those lost drawstrings

· Unclog drains

· Retrieve jewelry from drains

· Grab a wire from behind a desk or entertainment center

· Unclog vacuums

· The uses are endless!

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