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Dim It
Light Dimming Sheets

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  Dim It Light Dimming Sheets Introducing: Dim It light dimming sheets

Dim those annoying bright lights on alarm clocks, electronic devices and appliances
Dim It will dim your alarm clock while still allowing you to see the time in the dark
static cling light dimming sheets
great for travel
get the quality sleep you need and deserve

Product Description: Package contains 2 (6 inch by 3 inch) static cling "Dim It" light dimming sheets. Easy to use. Easily removable. Just cut to size and apply to clean dry surface of the item that you want dimmed. The uses are endless !

Seeking resellers and distributors in all channels.

Please contact: Debbie Dickinson
Shaded Moon LLC
609 432-7051

When responding please include your full name, business and full contact information, including phone number.

For more information on Dim It, please visit our website: www.buydimit.com

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