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Li'l Davinci
Child art frames

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All parents experience that moment of joy when their child starts to draw. From first scribbles to paintings, there's a special pride we feel in seeing our child's creativity come alive. What do we do with their budding masterpieces?

With the best of intentions, we hang them on the refrigerator or wall until  they overflow, send them with a parent to the  office, or mail them to proud grandparents. After a while they get lost or ruined. Face it, we only get one chance to preserve these treasures, and until now, there hasn't been a good way to do  it.

Don't risk losing any of these precious memories your child creates for you. Display their 8 1/2" x 11" artwork in the revolutionary Li'l Davinci frame that doubles as a storage cabinet. Each Li'l Davinci holds up to 100 masterpieces, and opens on hinges, making it easy to stroll down memory lane. They grow up so quickly... don't risk losing their art along the way.


  • Opens just like a cabinet
  • Display new photos instantly
  • Stores 100 photos
  • Finest quality in every detail
  • Ultra-slim profile, just over an inch thick
  • Fastens securely to the wall and remains straight
  • Allows you to actually enjoy your photos!

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