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Grocery Coupon Books
$1,000 savings for as little as $.75 per book!

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  Guaranteed Grocery Saving Coupons
Grocery Coupon Books
Introduction to the Coupon Exchange Club.

For over 25 years we have been providing a variety of membership organizations a high quality grocery coupon service.

Coupon use is at a all time high...use our high value coupon books as a member benefit, sales incentive premium, or an up-sell.

∑ Our coupon program is a valued benefit to a number of affinity clubs sponsored by leading insurance and financial organizations.

∑ Our program is consumer friendly! Members can utilize the program with no service fees and prepaid postage both ways.

∑ We carefully handcraft all orders and ensure fast turnaround.

∑ Our services, both mail or online, can be custom branded for the sponsoring club.

∑ We work only with the memberís order and do not need access to the membership base.

∑ We also offer complete confidentially and guarantee no up sells or retention of your memberís information.

∑ All order fulfillment completed in-house without the use of subcontractors.

Get the full details on how to make more money with the Coupon Exchange Club today!

Contact: Chuck Stoll

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