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Clog Popper™
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  Clog Popper Drain Cleaner
Clog Popper
Clog Popper Retail Packaging
The Clog Popper™ is a US made condensate clearing tool invented by a service tech w/ over 30 years experience. It features an adjustable nut to fit to the pipe outlet, and you can use PVC or hose adapters to fit any application. 

When you gently insert the Clog Popper™ into the drain no pressure is made because it’s the quick and hard pull that causes the vacuum. During the pulling motion vacuum stresses the clog and the gallons of water behind it causing ejection. In fact, the amount of vacuum pressure generated is far superior to the best shop-vac around. Guaranteed.

The Clog Popper clears Condensate Drains on Ice Machines, Ice Cream Machines, Vending Machines, Chillers, Coolers, Walk in Coolers, Air Conditioners, Heat Pumps, Geothermal systems, and pretty much anything with a drain-pan using a line smaller than 1″.

Affordable – Trade price is under $19.99 – Contact a store near you. Competition can’t touch it.
Versatile – Use your imagination: Fits most drains with fittings you probably have on your truck. We sell plugs for vented pipes too.
Green Tech – No CO2, No electricity, No pump.
Convenient - Fits in a tool-bag, works at the outlet.

Seeking resellers of all types.

Matt McFarland
Good Day Tools LLC
Office: 888-552-0122


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