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Chandelier Cleaner
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  chandelier cleaner Chandeliers present a unique cleaning challenge. They're fragile, too high to reach easily and trap dust quickly. QCI Direct Chandelier Cleaner is specially formulated to clean chandeliers quickly, affordably and with ease.

Just spray and let drip dry- no muss, no fuss! Your glass fixtures will be sparkling like new.

Consumers love this hard to find product because it does the job right the first time. It's a hard to find, unique solution that people can rely on, again and again. There is simply no other way to clean crystal and glass chandeliers without taking them down or using a ladder.

Repeat purchases are guaranteed- our reorders and satisfied customers prove it!

- unique formulation

- easy to use - simply spray, put newspaper under the fixture & let dry

- no ladders, reaching or taking down the chandelier

- one 32 oz bottle will clean your chandelier numerous times

- works on crystal & glass

To order, simply go to the link below and get wholesale pricing directly on our site. Or call customer service at 1-888-488-3088 to place a phone order. Mention NMOA and QCI Clean to get the best price!


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