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Caddy Wraps
Hot and Cold Therapy Wraps

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  CaddyWraps-Hot and Cold Therapy Wraps Introducing Caddy Products, Hot & Cold Therapy Wraps

Made in the USA. Our Face Caddy, Eyes Caddy and Back Caddy are designed with strong, yet soft, cotton/poly fabric and come with reusable thermal packs that can be used hot or cold.

Face Caddy: the best way to apply hot & cold therapy to your face.

Applying ice or heat is a cumbersome and frustrating process of trying to wrap a towel or elastic bandage around your head with an ice pack (or frozen peas!) wedged in-between. Or, handling hot towels from a microwave. With Face Caddy, just slip the reusable hot/cold packs into the pockets, wrap the Face Caddy around your head and secure the Velcro tabs. You're not held hostage trying to hold the packs in place so you can work, cook, read or rest comfortably.

Recommended for:
·Oral and maxillofacial surgery
·Cosmetic procedures

Eyes Caddy: For migraines, sinus pain and eye & brow procedures.

Eyes Caddy comfortably holds the therapy packs over the entire eye and brow area to help with pain, swelling and bruising.For migraines or sinus pain, it’s perfect. Cool down the throbbing of a migraine or use it warm to relax sinus activity. Also, ideal for light sensitivity.

Recommended for:
·Sinus pain
·Light sensitivity
·Eye & brow procedures

Back Caddy: Wrap your back and relax.

Made in the USA with a super-strong but comfortable elastic that gives a good fit with compression and support. Each Back Caddy comes with one reusable, over-sized non-toxic therapy pack, 7”x 14”, that can be used hot or cold.

Recommended for:
·Lower back pain
·Sports injury
·Herniated disc

There are two Back Caddy models. One fits waist sizes from 20" to 50". The other, with the Extender Panel, fits 50”- 70". It is one of the few products that fits the larger waist sizes.

Looking for reps and wholesale accounts.

Please provide full name and contact information when inquiring. Thank you!

John Lucas
Caddy Products, LLC
79 Sullivan St. 4D
New York, NY10012

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