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Decorative Cabinet Accents
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  Kitchen Accent Decorations Introducing Cabinet Accents

Cabinet Accents is a decorative design kit used to embellish your kitchen cabinets in just a matter of minutes. Our design decals come in a variety of themes and colors that will enhance the look of any kitchen creating a unique personal touch of style.

Cabinet Accents provides people with an easy and convenient way of decorating their kitchen without having to make permanent marks. This innovative product is a decorative design kit that is used to embellish cabinet door and drawer faces. Each themed package contains multiple vinyl decals specially sized to fit within the parameters of standard cabinet doors and drawers. By using this product, people can add a touch of their own personal style to their kitchen without the hassles typically associated with this kind of project.

Cabinet Accents enables people to update their kitchen cabinetry without having to permanently commit to one design. This unique product comprises a decorative design kit with vinyl decal sheets that can be applied to the front face of kitchen cabinets and drawers. The kits are offered in a variety of themes, designs, and colors to suit user preference. To use, people first must peel away the accent backing on the vinyl decal. Next, they can place the decal in the desired position on the cabinet. Then, they can simply peel away the top transfer tape, leaving the decal attached to the cabinet.

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