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MANLY-SCENTED Auto-Fresheners
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  Bull Whiffer's manly scented auto freshener
Bull Whiffer's manly scented auto freshener
Introducing Bullwhiffers Manly Scented Auto Fresheners.

Bullwhiffers LLC, is America's only full-line maker of powerful MANLY-SCENTED Auto-Fresheners. Offering uniquely MASCULINE scents such as morning roasted COFFEE, rich smoky CAMPFIRE, powerfully aromatic PIPE-SMOKE, and fresh MOUNTAIN SAGE to name a few.

Manufacturing twelve varieties in all, each comes superbly and tastefully illustrated as one of a dozen artfully crafted images depicting "life in the old west!" On the reverse side of each, printed also, as one of twelve entirely different variations, is an always thought provoking, ALWAYS WHOLESOME western-wit cowboy truism. We call em' ponderin' tonics, with each, carefully selected to help inspire a more thoughtful, never-boring auto-freshener experience.

You will immediately notice that Bull Whiffer's MANLY-SCENTED Auto-Fresheners are definitely NOT those ubiquitous, more feminine Christmas tree and maple leaf fresheners of mellow lavender or soft vanilla petal-blossoms of old. Appealing to those more discriminating customers desiring something a bit more powerful and a LOT MORE MASCULINE! Made in the U.S.A., Bull Whiffer's scents appeal to EVERY MAN and lots of women too!

We invite you to check out our website at www.bullwhiffers.com then simply call or drop us an email to request your complementary samples, totally free of cost or obligation. As we know that when you do, you'll have to agree, there simply is NO OTHER AUTO-FRESHENER, like a Bull Whiffer's MANLY-SCENTED Auto-Freshener!

Seeking resellers of all types.

We look forward to hearing from you!
Bull Whiffer's LLC, Sales & Marketing
Makers of the world's finest MANLY-SCENTED Auto- Fresheners THIS AINT NO POTPOURRI!

Corporate offices:
1700 Marsdale Ave.
Columbus, Ohio 43223
(614) 364-5715
Email: bullwhiffers@mail.com

When emailing please include full name, company and contact information. Thank you.

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