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Boot Scoots
Stop Dirt At the Door

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  Boot Scoots Stop Dirt at the Door
Boot Scoot Shoe Covers
Boot Scoots are great for walking inside your home to prevent dirt & grime from getting on the floor. Just slide your shoes in the boot scoots!

Saves time cleaning and lots of frustration of removing shoes for quick trips in and out.

Not only the convenience but just think where the shoes have been in public places and all the germs that could invade your home.

One size fits most, extra large are available. Assorted colors and patterns at manufactures choice. Manufactured in USA! Good margins. We can ship orders in a 3-4 day time frame from the factory.

Seeking resellers of all kinds.

Please contact: Angie Parker anparker@surry.net

When making contact please include your full name and contact information. Thank you.

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