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Barbara Tease® Licensed Art
Original characters easily adaptable to any merchandising idea 

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  Give me Leopard...Or Give me Death!
Pillow Talk
Barbara Tease Snowman Art
Introducing the merchandising art from Barbara Tease®

Looking for some Witty Characters? Look no further...meet Barbara Tease! Silly, sassy, and sometimes sweet and innocent. A variety of characters for a variety of lifestyles. One for all ages, from Juvenile to Baby Boomers and more. All in their silly little world of course. Unique Tag lines complimenting an array of situations, make these characters fun and easily adaptable to any merchandising idea. Some samples are included for your viewing.

Sales from Barbara Tease include a host of Boutiques, Country Clubs and events from the Great Lakes to Beverly Hills, in which high dollar Tees were sold in the early stages of this line. Greeting cards also compliment the line numbering in the hundreds, (unpublished) in various categories.

Today, Barbara Tease is sold Nationally on my online shop at www.barbaratease.com *Please go to the Cafepress link at the top of the page to view a multitude of characters for this line. If you are interested in one or more of my designs, please jot down the Catalog number, since I utilize this venue as an online catalog. The product however, does not reflect my wholesale pricing (or printing), since that is done at a different location/Print Shop.

Please contact me directly with questions about licensing my art for your merchandising product ideas.

Barbara Tease: barb@barbaratease.com

Please include your full name and contact info. Thank you.

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