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Back Booster
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"The Ultimate in Portable Lumbar Support"

"With a few breaths the BackBooster becomes the ultimate portable lumbar pillow..."

The BackBooster is INFLATABLE, unlike traditional lumbar products. This allows the BackBooster to be taken virtually anywhere support is needed.

Product details:

- Invented by two Chiropractors
- Patented design accommodates people of all sizes
- Unmatched portability - inflates in a few breaths and deflates to pocket size
- Half the retail price of other similar supports
- Convenient nylon travel bag
- Customizable inflation levels
- Made of high-quality, waterproof PVC
- Adjustable nylon strap with plastic clips for added stability
- Made with no metal parts to avoid airport security delays
- Pillow measures 13.5 x 14 x 3.1 inches when fully inflated
- Compact and attractive packaging 6 X 4.5 X2 inches minimizes shelf space
- Unconditional 30 day money back guarantee


Use it for travel, make that plane or train seat much more comfortable.


Unlike traditional lumbar supports the Back Booster is inflatable, allowing customizable levels of support. When not in use, the Back Booster fits into the included nylon carry bag for storage in a pocket, purse, or briefcase. That would be very difficult with a traditional lumbar support.


Our product makes almost and chair or seat more comfortable. It also provides support for the low back, while being very easy to transport. Our product allows people to experience low back support in a very convenient and rather inexpensive way.




Use it at the office!

The Back Booster is 100% waterproof, and since it has no metal parts The Back Booster will not slow you down going through airport security. The Back Booster can be used anywhere effective lumbar support is desired...in the car or office, on a plane or train, in a wheel chair, even in a beach chair.

This product is customizable, making it useful for most any person. Our product was designed by spine specialists, and the patented design fits the lower back perfectly. The Back Booster is very easy to use, and when not in use even easier to take with you. The pressure test we had done also shows the quality of our product. No other inflatable has this type of testing available to buyers and customers.


Great for support in a wheelchair.

We tested the product on thousands of our patients, and even had a board-certified neurologist do a study on it (supplied on request). We also had lateral lumbar x-rays taken showing a person sitting without using and then using the Back Booster. The results were an increase in lumbar lordosis.

Use it in your automobile. . .
. . . great for those longer trips when you really need lumbar support!

Fits easily in the glove box!


Soft Retail Packaging!

Easy shipping for direct marketers.
The BackBooster is used by professional athletes, professional pilots, business travelers, truck drivers, office employees. . . anyone looking for effective, portable lumbar support.

This product is very light (6.5oz) and is 100% waterproof. Since it is customizable the Back Booster can be used by almost anyone. The shape of the Back Booster is the result of years of study of the human spine. In fact, the shape is so unique the US Government issued us a patent. We also had a pressure test done on our product (copy available). It withstood 900 pounds of pressure.

Drop shipping available.
Guaranteed Sales for Qualifying Companies.

Contact John Schulte for more details. Email: schulte@nmoa.org Please include your name, company name if applicable, and full contact information. Thank you.


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