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Athletic Measurement Device
Ripxx constantly records data on nearly every movement you make.
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  Athlete Performance Measurment Device
Performance tracking device for athletes
Personal Performance Measurement for athletes
The Ripxx Personal Measurement Device is like a blackbox for athletes. Strap the device to your body and turn it on. It will record data on your movements as you run, ride, ski, snowboard, skate or do anything that gets you moving. The Ripxx software will then download and interpret the data, letting you save, share, compare and improve your performance. The Ripxx is currently being used by Olympic athletes in five sports with more on the way. Learn more at http://www.ripxx.com

It has been reviewed by Gizmodo.com, Engadget.com, Popular Science Magazine, The Gadget Guy and many others. It is listed in the Ski Racing 2009-2010 gift guide.

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