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Are you a manufacturer, importer or wholesale representative of a consumer product?

Would you like a quick and easy way to get your product in front of thousands of direct marketers
and specialty retailers
that are looking for new products to sell?

The NMOA has effective and low cost product promotion services to help you promote your product.

Our specialty is getting your product in front of buyers and merchandise directors at direct marketing companies and specialty retailers.
Direct Marketing Companies sell through mail order catalogs, web stores, direct mail, television home shopping and infomercials, and also through space ads in magazines and newspapers. Our international network of direct marketers are always on the lookout for new products to sell. We can put your product, or your entire line in front of them for an incredibly low price. Plus, we also attract a number of other specialty retailers like Kiosk vendors to our site looking for new products.

"The NMOA product promotion service is GREAT! As a manufacturer's representative, the first thing I do with every new product I take on is get a page for it in the NMOA product department! I get great results in finding new resellers, and meeting other product-marketing people from around the world to partner with. My main website also gets higher rankings in search engines thanks to having each of the products featured on the NMOA site. It's a true bargain for marketing (or testing the interest) of any product."
Susan Blair
Blair Enterprises
Manufacturer's Representative

"Your e-newsletter featuring our TriEdge knife pulled some great responses this week...thanks for the spotlight and have a great weekend."
Jace Sargent

"I've been promoting my product line on the NMOA site for almost three years and have had great results in getting new leads of retail merchants across the continent wanting to sell my products. The NMOA even helped me to expand my line into Canada".
Diane F. Baumann
Kidz Entertainment, Inc.

"I've been working with John Schulte and the NMOA for about 2 years now. I've received inquiries....and more importantly orders....from resellers all over the world. I can say with confidence I would NEVER have reached, let alone signed, some of my retailers without the help of John and the NMOA. I'd recommend them without hesitation..."
Dan Greenberg
Back Booster LLC

"NMOA has been a great help in connecting us with potential retail and distributor opportunities in the U.S. and abroad, many of which have become solid business relationships. It's a pleasure working with them."
Margie Williams
Cypress Creek Marketing

"I've been working with John Schulte and NMOA for only about 6 months now and have already seen a dramatic increase in the interest for my product line. Very pleased with the results and would recommend NMOA to anyone."
Matt Craig
Cherry Street Enterprises Inc.

Our newest service that every product supplier can benefit from.
$36.00 - Yearly listing links in our Wholesale Product Index. This basic but important service helps you two ways.

your product is listed under the ideal category for it in our wholesale product index so buyers can find you by the type of product(s) you wholesale. With over 100 different product categories, your listing is extremely accurate and makes sure your product line is easy to find when someone is looking for your specific type of product. Plus, we list-link your product in our wholesale sourcing edition of Direct Marketing Digest.

being listed here gives you valuable high ranking inbound links to your website that helps optimize your company's search engine rankings. Your own webmaster will tell you that the most important element of getting a higher rank in search engines is having other high ranking (relevant) websites linking to yours. At just $36.00 per year, (less than .10 cents a day) you simply can't afford not to be listed in our wholesale product index. That's not sales talk, that's expert advice.
More details and ordering found on this page:

Over 500 marketers visit our product department Each Day!

Our most complete (and popular) product promotion service.
$149.00 - Product Promotion Package.

With this package we incorporate a 6-tier marketing approach for promoting your product and at the same time optimizing your main website for search engine visibility and higher rankings.

we create a custom webpage that resides on the NMOA website promoting your product for a full three months. Plus you get to pick the exact keyword links that you want linking back to your main website.
we post a picture of your key product right on the home page of our product department.
we send out a Product Announcement in one of our weekly e-newsletters that goes to about 10,000 marketers.
we feature your product in our wholesale sourcing edition of Direct Marketing Digest.
we place your product link in our wholesale index as mentioned above.

Sixth, each month that you are part of the Product Promotion Program you get product posting privileges on our wholesale news blog. Anytime you have updated news about your product you can post it on the Wholesale News Site Blog at no extra cost. You will also be allowed to post information (pictures, links and all) about other products you may have in your line. Each time you post you add more valuable links to your main website to increase your natural search engine rankings. Search Engine Value: It's important to know that news and blog postings with key-word/phrase links are a vital component in today's Web marketing strategy. They are a necessity for building long-term search engine awareness for your company and products.

Each news posting you submit adds one more important Search Engine Optimized (SEO) link to your main website. As any search engine expert will tell you, having good 'relevant' incoming links to your website is one of the best things you can do to increase your natural search engine ranking so people can find you when searching on the web. Each time you post on our wholesale news site you create additional exposure for your product and one more long lasting link to your website. These optimized incoming links have a powerful cumulative effect over time, the more you have the better.

Our Wholesale News Blog gives you full SEO control for creating custom keywords and phrases into your posting to maximize your search engine value. It even allows you to post a picture of your product. After you complete your news posting, you can then use social book-marking sites like digg.com, stumbleupon.com and Reddit.com to tag and recommend it to others, and so can your friends and employees. Afterwards, you can also come back and edit the original posting, or make comments to it anytime you want. And everything is simple to use through your free Google account.

When you promote your products through the NMOA Product Promotion Program, you open up a world of export opportunities as well. We have marketers from over 100 countries that use our site and subscribe to our weekly newsletter. (Check our Monthly Country Statistics)

There is no product marketing program that offers such a full featured value for promoting your product on a wholesale basis to direct marketing and specialty retailers on a worldwide basis. Get started today for just $149.00 that covers setup and a full 3 months of promotion! Click here for more details and registration.


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