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Wireless Audio USB Transmitter
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  USB Wireless Audio Transmitter Listen to Internet radio on FM!

We supply a unique Wireless Audio USB Transmitter that enables anyone who listens to audio or internet radio on their computer to send the stream to a house or office radio in FM. The small software interface enables you to select a frequency ( between 76 and 108 MHz ) to tune your radio and listen.

The transmitter frequency range is from 76 - 108MHz by tuning the stream on the computer and retuning the radio to the same frequency. The product can transmit an audio signal from pc/laptop to FM radio or hi fi. Comes with a USB extension cable and installation CD. Transmission reaches 5-10 meters (15-30 feet). Includes a small cable that acts as an antenna for improved transmission when attached to the USB.

We also sell wireless headphones that can be used in conjunction with the USB.

Seeking resellers of all kinds. Order in small quantities.

Contact: John Schulte, schulte@nmoa.org for more details, pricing and ordering info.

Please include your full contact information, Name, Company Website (if applicable), phone and email.

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