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Real Rods
Hand Made Bamboo Fishing Rods
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  Bamboo Fishing Rods Hand Made
Bamboo fishing rods catch big fish
Hand Made Bamboo Fishing Rods are fun to fish with

Real Rods are a new type of fishing rod that combines the tradition, beauty, and strength of bamboo with the technology of today's graphite rods. They are handmade from specially cured and tapered sticks of natural Golden bamboo complete with cork handles, reel seats, and thread wrapped guides.


Real Rods are strong, sensitive and beautiful. They are also natural, pure, and simple. Man first used plants such as bamboo and Calcutta reeds as fishing poles. Many anglers fondly remember Dad or Grandpa fishing with a cane pole on the banks of the river or pond.

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Fishermen continue to comment on their strength and sensitivity. Some fishermen swear they can cast further with a Real Rod. You will be hooked on Real Rods once you catch a fish because they add a level of excitement and enjoyment to your outdoor experience. For most anglers, bamboo rods probably won’t replace their graphite rods; however, they will become a fun and cherished rod in their arsenal, and will always bring a smile to their face. Just like in nature, no two Real Rods are exactly alike. Try fishing with a Real Rod and let us know what you think.

How they're made

Our rods are not made from split and glued bamboo but are continuous sticks of tapered golden bamboo. All Real Rods are made by hand and each pole is specifically harvested to become a fishing rod. Our craftsmen are very skilled in working with bamboo and draw on their fishing knowledge when building each rod. After years of trial and error, we developed and perfected a proprietary process for curing the bamboo that makes Real Rods strong and beautiful. Every bamboo pole is at least three years old when it is harvested to insure strength. They are also specially treated to prevent sun and moisture damage.

After years of building Real Rods in Austin, TX, we are now making the rods in China. We decided to do it for many reasons and the consumer is the ultimate beneficiary. Chinese bamboo is much more strong and plentiful than US bamboo. The Chinese people are also extremely knowledgeable and skilled in working with bamboo and bamboo is a part of their history and culture. Of course, we were also able to offer the rods at a much lower price since each rod takes over six hours of labor to manufacture. All Real Rods are thoroughly tested for strength and craftsmanship in our offices in Texas before they are shipped to a customer.

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