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Hoopnotica TravelHoop
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  Hoopnotica in Use
Hoopnotica TravelHoop
Hoopnotical Retail Packaging
Part Dance, Part Exercise & ALL Fun!
Ryan Seacrest, E! News

Hoopnotica HoopDance is an easy-to-learn, non-impact cardiovascular workout that combines hula-hooping, rhythmic dance, and yoga moves to trim and tone your waistline, arms, glutes and thighs. You can burn from 400 to 600 calories per hour, build core strength, increase flexibility, reduce stress, and tone your entire body!

The Hoopnotica TravelHoop is collapsible & adjustable so it is ideal for travel & fitness ?on the go! The 6 hoop segments make a 44" adult-sized hoop or you can remove one segment for a 38" hoop for petite adults or more advanced hoopers. The TravelHoop includes a coordinating travel strap and two 60-minute step-by-step instructional HoopDance DVDs. The fun and easy Hoopnotica DVD programs are designed for users of all ages, body types and fitness levels.

Hoopnotica provides a low cost "full body" home exercise program that is clinically proven to deliver results that are fast, fun, and effective!

With features on Good Morning America, The Biggest Loser, Vogue, The Today Show, MTV, E! & Time Magazine (as well as over 600 additional media outlets), Hoopnotica is the clear leader in the HoopDance movement.

The Hoopnotica TravelHoop is lightly weighted & more substantial than the hula-hoop you may have used as a child, making it simpler to keep the hoop moving while still challenging your muscles.

Available in Pink & Gold or Blue & Silver.

"A serious workout that's easy on the joints, but hard on the abs!"
Los Angeles Magazine/*

"I feel fit, and I'm having fun."
Chris Cuomo, Anchor, Good Morning America

"Hoop dance works every major muscle group in your body" ? Los Angeles

"Hooping adds fun to exercise"

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