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Stops your driveway from being used as a public U-turn
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Driveway Spikes Product
Driveway Spikes in use.
Introducing DrivewaySpikes "Stops your driveway from being used as a public U-turn"

Convenient, and Safe. Absolutely nothing on the market to compare us to. Totally unique.

DrivewaySpikes is an excellent alternative to gates, chains, rope, milk crates or other driveway barriers. Convenient!

No need to move anything when you leave or return home.

Built from recycled rubber with flexible rubber spikes that will not damage your vehicle. In fact, you can drive on them.

Our customers include Moms with their children in the driveway, to anyone annoyed with vehicles using their driveways for u-turns.

Made in the USA!

DrivewaySpikes LLC, welcomes the opportunity to become a valued addition to your catalog, web store or retail outlet.

Thank You!

Please contact us for all reseller opportunities today. Please provide full name and contact information.
Gayle/Donald Churches

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