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"Battery Chem"
Battery Reconditioning Supplies
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  Battery Chem Battery Reconditioning Supplies Battery Chem

This product will revive batteries, for cars, boats, trucks etc. and now...even electric car batteries. It really is an amazing product. The best part is that it is also good for the environment, can be considered a "green product", which so many people are looking for now. This product helps in removing sulfation and at the same time give the battery a longer life.

It will also improve the condition of the battery while they are being driven daily.

The cost is low and affordable for almost everyone, approximately $10.00 US and it will give the battery owner another 10 years of good service. It will save people from going out and buying a new battery. It is a preventative answer to a battery going bad.


* General Automotive
* Electric Car Batteries
* Construction
* Agriculture
* Medical
* Marine

* Golf & Utility
* Fleet Vehicles
* Solar & Back Up
* Golf & Utility
* Fleet Vehicles

* Solar & Back Up
* Warehousing (Forklift)
* Recreation
* Emergency Vehicles

It is good for construction vehicles, agriculture, medical and marine batteries and even electric car batteries etc.

We are looking for distributors for this excellent environmentally safe product. If you would and would like some additional information, just let me know. Also, with large enough quantities we will consider private labeling.

For additional information, please contact : Susan Blair, Blair Enterprises blairsusan@earthlink.net 727-504-7689

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