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  Pet Travel Tote
Pet Dental Cookie for dogs
Digestion Care for Dog
Helps your dog relax
Pet Travel Calm CD for Dogs

Scented wipes for Pets and Dogs
Introducing Sprinks Pet Products!

The Sprinks niche is within the pet travel industry. These products can be purchased in convenient "grab n' go" travel sized packaging that can be easily stored, stashed, and carried, or in larger sizes for at home use.

Our product line sets us apart from other competitors because all of our products are vet developed, MADE IN THE USA, 100% natural, and very high quality.

Sprinks was founded by Dr. Kathy Petrucci who graduated from the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine in 2003. She spent five years in private practice at a progressive small animal practice in San Francisco developing skills in internal medicine, ultrasound, surgery, endoscopy, dentistry, and oncology. She then founded Sprinks pets in 2008 with the purpose of providing innovative, natural alternatives for maintaining optimum health in pets.

Market & Demographics

Stay ahead of the curve by offering Sprinks travel-sized essentials to your customers as the demand for products within the pet travel industry increases!

According to the APPA 2009-2010 National Pet Owner Survey, 29.1 million Americans have traveled with their pet and women were twice as likely to take their pet along with them on a trip. Our products are designed to target women ages 25-54, with a secondary target of men ages 25-54 within multiple markets across the country.

Currently, our products are in about 35 stores in California and Puerto Rico. Now is the time for you to get your share of this profitable niche.

Product Promotion for Retailers
We are prepared to work with both direct marketing retailers and brick and mortar retailers sell our line. This includes sales incentives and multiple merchandising solutions to make our products stand out.

Our supplements come in bulk, or counter cartons with a tear-away top to display (which works great at the cash register as an impulse purchase) and shelf talkers to explain their purpose to customers.

Our Travel Calm CDs come shrink wrapped with a CD stand display, and our Wipers with a merchandising display strip. We also offer training DVDs to ensure your staff is well informed on our products and they can best promote it to customers.

Additional Information
In addition, we offer low minimum orders, drop shipping, and excellent margins to ensure fairness to our retailers.

Our supplements are human grade, manufactured in the U.S. in a cGMP facility, and tested for viability and potency. We are also active members in the NASC and adhere to strict quality control standards.

Thank you for your time and consideration to carry Sprinks products.

For more product details and information on selling this great line of pet products contact John Schulte schulte@nmoa.org through this email link today. Please include your full contact information with website or store name.

Basic Product Info

ProBio-Chew is a veterinary formulated dental cookie designed to support healthy oral care and maintain fresh breath. ProBio-Chew combines a probiotic with peppermint oil and parsley to promote oral, digestive and immune health as well as fresh breath for your pet.
Great for: Dental Health, Fresh Breath, Overall Digestive and Immune Health

Sprinks Regul8 chewables are veterinary formulated using the hardy probiotic strain, BC30 Bacillus Coagulans. Our BC30 Probiotic stands apart from other probiotic supplements because it is surrounded by a natural protective shield, allowing the healthy bacteria to survive the heat and pressure of manufacturing, as well as the acids in your pet's stomach. This ensures that the healthy bacteria arrive alive in the intestines.
Great for: Transitioning Dog Food , Aiding Digestion, Traveling Pets, Overall Bowel and Immune Health

Sprinks Relax chewables are veterinary formulated using a unique blend of calming ingredients that help ease dogs through stressful events. Our Relax formula contains both Lemon Balm and Valerian, which are known throughout history for their natural calming effects. Our formula also contains L-Theanine & Vitamin B, which have both been researched for their ability to help curb destructive behavior.
Great for: Hyperactivity, discontentment, Traveling, Car rides, Vet visits, Groomers and Loud noises

Sprinks refreshing and moisturizing grooming wipes are naturally enriched with the hydrating properties Vitamin E, Aloe Vera and are scented with our exclusive French lavender extract. Our ingredients are specially formulated to pamper and clean your pet’s skin and coat while soothing them with the calming scent of lavender fragrance.
Great for: Dirty spots, Smelly dogs, Between baths and Traveling pets

Our Sprinks Travel Calm CD is a compilation from Felix Pando’s Classical Music Collection that uses unique frequencies heard only by pets to help reduce stress and anxiety. The soothing qualities of this music help dogs feel calm and more at ease, and have a positive effect upon their emotions. Sprinks Travel Calm is a great way to assist your pet in maintaining a happy, healthy well-being while traveling or during stressful situations. Pando effect - Special sound effects & frequencies for dogs ears - Naturally Calming
Great for: Hyperactivity, Anxiety, Traveling, Car rides, Vet visits, Groomers and when left at home

Our Sprinks Travel Tote goes perfectly with our Sprinks "Healthy Pets on the Go" motto and makes traveling a synch. Our travel kit is the ideal size for travel, and can be easily slipped into a purse, carryon, or carried.

Includes the 5 travel essentials

Sprinks RELAX:
Natural calming supplement.
Great for:
flying, car trips, and stressful situations. Week’s worth supply (7 chews for a medium sized dog)

Sprinks REGUL8: Supports digestive and immune health.
Great for:
transitioning dog food, aiding digestion, and traveling pets. Week’s worth supply (7 chews for a medium sized dog)

Sprinks WIPERS: Lavender scented grooming wipes. Travel-sized pack of (10) large wipes-(calming scent)
Great for: Dirty spots, smelly dogs and between baths

Sprinks WASTE BAGS: Biodegradable doggie waste bags Roll of 15 (Fresh laundry scent)

Sprinks WATER BOWL: Reusable, waterproof, and collapsible bowl

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