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Ancient Recipe Vinaigres (Vinegars)
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  Ancient Recipe Vinegars

Ancient Recipe Vinegars

Ancient Recipe Vinegars

  Ancient Recipe Vineagar

The NMOA is excited to bring you this rare opportunity to be the first direct marketer in the United States to sell these totally unique and multi award winning cooking creations.

European Celebrity Chef Alan Coxon "The Food Archaeologist!" is the creator of these 15th century Mediaeval Old English Ale-Gar, Roman and Ancient Greek Vinaigres.

Alan has established a reputation as one of the world’s favorite TV chefs and presenters, with exceptional culinary talent and an unparalleled knowledge for the earliest origins of world cuisine. His dishes have the rare quality of being both stunning, yet easy to recreate at home.

With a fun, approachable and interactive style, Alan is recognized as a leader in his field, and a highly-respected player by both the world of TV media and by his peers in the food industry. With three exciting cookbooks, a new range of historic vinaigres, the creation of the globally unique 15th century Ale-Gar, a new soon to be launched Historic range of Crisps, along with numerous radio, magazine and live appearances also to his name, Alan has cemented his place among cookery’s broadcasting elite.

After ten years of development and research Alan has created a totally new and Unique product for the global culinary markets.

Mediaeval Ale-Gar: Dark deep rich, with a flavor like nothing else in the market place!

The unique Ale brew used to produce Ale-Gar has been recreated using an original 15th century Mediaeval old English Ale recipe.

The Ale-Gar ™, with its deep dark color and hints of chocolate, cinnamon and roasted Malt is then decanted into personally designed bottles a unique flavor to enjoy and the biggest Ale-turnative to a Balsamic vinegar in its history, also a perfect "Ale-Turnative" to a Worcestershire sauce or even a healthier Ale-Turnative to a soy sauce ! .

In Mediaeval England, wine was limited to Royalty and nobility, whilst Ale was widely consumed by all ages of the general population at every meal - even breakfast. Natural souring of the ale took place, leaving a good supply of ale-gar, to use as a condiment and preservative as well as for medicinal purposes.

For my Ale-Gar, I have used a traditional mediaeval ale recipe, but have incorporated Chocolate Stout Malt, to tantalize today's more sophisticated and adventurous palate . The Ale-Gar is then fermented over oak to bring out the full flavor and smoothness and stored to mature to round off the flavor and balance
Use it in the same way as you would a Balsamic, or instead of Worcestershire sauce or an Ale-turnative to a soy sauce.

It is a general seasoning and is extremely versatile. It is created to enhance flavor, not to mask or hide.

It can be used as a dressings,
as a beef marinade.
reducing and drizzling,
Add a tablespoon to a bolognaise sauce.
Add a tablespoon to a beef casserole
Drizzle a little onto cheese on toast
drizzle over oysters
Use as a dip for Tempura
Add to a tomato sauce
use as a marinade for fish and meat
Use as a dip for bread
add to venison/game stews
the list is endless , but don't forget less is best and you can just increase to taste , let the Ale-Gar do the rest.

Ancient Greek Vinaigre: Light, floral, with sweet and sour undertones. This will give you a kiss and kick at the same time!

The Ancient Greeks were historically respected far and wide as leaders in the culinary field.
The dominant flavors of Greek cuisine were honey, vinegar, fish sauce and a few carefully balanced herbs and spices. Their secret was to balance the sweetness with the bitter, the sour and sometimes, the unusual. The Ancient Greeks were elegant in style and hand and would only add three or four spices or herbs to a dish at any time , as opposed to Roman recipes where as many as 10 strong flavorings were often incorporated.

My Ancient Geek Vinaigre has taken a route of balance and simplicity, while bringing out the individual flavors. The sweetness comes from the vine fruits, a slight bitterness from the coriander and a clean, fresh acidity from the wine. The aroma is light, fruity and fragrant befitting of a Greek goddess and possibly why it is a favorite of the ladies!

This vinaigre lends itself well to replace rice wine vinegar and is perfect in oriental stir-fries,
Oriental soups,
Fish and poultry Marinades ,
Sweet and sour dishes,
salad dressings
Reduced and drizzled over Ice cream
Added to a Summer fruit punch
Added to cold salads such as coleslaw
Reduced and brushed over pork crackling
The list is endless , especially as this vinaigre reduces to a syrupy that allows it to add freshness to desserts and sweet items and not just oriental savory products.

The Roman Range: Rounded, Balanced , structured, this vinaigre is perfect for salad dressing .

Alan's research and influences for the Roman Vinaigre has derived from three of Ancient Rome's greatest gastronomes.

All three were named Apicious and lived during the rise of Julius and Augustus Caesar, Emperors Tiberius and Trajan. Needless to say, by the end of the first century AD the name Apicious had become a symbol of wealth and all of the good things in life.

This Vinaigre was made using quality wine, brewed naturally and then infused with some of Ancient Rome's favorite spices.

Look out for warming flavors such as cinnamon, hints of chamomile and a touch of peppercorn, sweetened by one of the oldest sugars known to man, honey - a favorite and much used ingredient in the Roman period. This Roman vinaigre is warming both on the palate and the nose. It oozes herbs and spices, fruit and floral undertones.

The Roman Vinaigre has proven a firm favorite to the gastronomes with 4 out of 5 French Michelin star chefs selecting this in blind tasting. It is well rounded and has a classic feel.

Use in place of any herb infused vinegars
It is ideal as a salad dressing
As a marinade for chicken and seafood
Perfect in butter and egg based sauces such as hollandaise, béarnaise etc..
Reduce to a syrupy glace to serve with Ice cream
Reduce and drizzle serving with Pate, or pork/meat terrine
Make a toffee
Add to poaching or steaming liquor
Add instead of salt to season food for a healthy seasoning
Use for preserves or pickles
use in salsa
mayonnaise, the list is endless.
Eat like an Emperor, enjoy.

These vinaigres are selling all over Europe and Japan are sure to be a big hit with food lovers all over the USA and Canada.

This is the first time offering in the USA and ready for a top notch direct marketing company to introduce these wonderful products to the American Public.

Alan is available to come to the USA and demonstrate recipes and how to use these premium vinaigres in your stores or on your television show. See Alan's show reel here: http://www.alancoxon.com

If you have a national channel to move this product in large numbers, contact John Schulte the at schulte@nmoa.org, or 612 -788-1673  NMOA is the exclusive representative for these products in the USA.
More details and cooking demonstrations can be found here: http://www.alancoxon.com/historic.php


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