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Adjustable Advantage
World's only toilet seat capable of adjusting to your natural sitting position!
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Sit Better - Fit Better - Feel Better

This is the world’s first and only patented toilet seat that adjusts to an individual’s natural sitting position providing greater comfort, support, relaxation and improved personal hygiene.

Until now, toilet seats marketed to the 100+ million bariatric and limited mobility users have only been variations on the same old traditional toilet seat design and come with a higher price tag. They provide no additional benefits to the additional tens of millions of users who suffer with other health and medical needs

Designed out of a personal necessity by a 75 year old (now 81,) 285 lb man who suffers from obesity, limited mobility, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease and shortness of breath this one-of-a-kind toilet seat was subsequently patented.

•Seat arms expand 6” to the left and 6” to the right
•Fully expanded, it adds an additional 12” of support and access
•Stainless-steel ball bearings and hinge disc plates
•Fits elongated and round toilet bowls
•Heavy -duty design supports up to 1,000 lbs.

•Greater support for bariatric users
•More room for easier access and improved hygiene
•Unparalleled comfort and relaxation
•Improves posture and increases blood flow
•Reduces straining and bending

United States toilet seat market data
•Over 400 million toilets in private/public use
•Over 8.5 million new toilets sold annually
•Over 50 million toilet seats replaced annually (1 in 8)

Become a reseller of this great problem solving product today. Drop-Shipping is available.

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