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       The daily press is full of this!  Every day!  What an awful mental diet!

     Of course, you can turn to fiction magazines...but even these reflect the strife and conflict of the times!

     What you really need is an escape from all this...a refuge where your mind can find peace and harmony...a haven where there is no hate!

     You can't fly to a cabin in the mountains...to the cottage by the lake...to the Grand Canyon...to Yellowstone Park...every time the rush of unwelcome and distressing events overwhelms you...

     ....but you can pick up your Nature Magazine...bury yourself in its pages, completely forgetful of all else, and seek comfort and solace in the beauty, harmony and romance of Nature... maybe in Alaska...maybe in India...maybe in some spot right near your own home, where our editors have found a thrilling story...an inspiring picture...a profound thought.

     So, I am enclosing our invoice covering the renewal to your subscription to Nature Magazine because I know that you will want its companionship more than ever in the months to come.

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