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National Mail Order Association
Celebrating our 41st Year!

 NMOA Product Promotion Program and Marketing Cooperative
for Manufacturers, Distributors and Inventors

Tap into a International Multi-Billion Dollar Marketplace for Just $199.00

Sell your products to Mail Order Catalogs, E-commerce Merchants, Home Shopping and DRTV Infomercial Companies, Specialty and Independent Retailers around the world.

Are you a manufacturer, importer/exporter, or a wholesale rep?

Would you like to have your product sold in catalogs, on television, by web merchants—and by other direct marketing and independent retailers? If so...the NMOA can help you do very low cost.

NO other organization can give you such wide international exposure for your products as the NMOA Product Promotion Program and Co-op.

"The NMOA product promotion service is GREAT! As a manufacturer's representative, the first thing I do with every new product I take on is get a page for it in the NMOA product department! I get great results in finding new resellers, and meeting other product-marketing people from around the world to partner with. My main website also gets higher rankings in search engines thanks to having each of the products featured on the NMOA site. It's a true bargain for marketing (or testing the interest) of any product."
Susan Blair
Blair Enterprises
Manufacturer's Representative

Billions of dollars of goods are sold via mail order and catalog marketing in the USA each year. Mail order, with its related channels, is growing faster than "bricks and mortar" retailing as a method of selling products—and has been for many years?

There are over 12,000 catalogs in North America, and thousands of web only merchants and other direct marketers like television shopping channels, infomercial producers, direct mailers and specialty retailers like kiosk vendors, all looking for good new products to sell. In fact, finding new products to talk about and sell is literally the lifeblood of the mail order catalog industry.

"Your e-newsletter featuring our TriEdge knife pulled some great responses this week...thanks for the spotlight and have a great weekend."
Jace Sargent

What's great about these mail order marketers is that they are especially good at selling specialty products—products that fit a specific niche or industry—and for things not readily available in retail stores...and also for products that need demonstration or more detailed descriptions to make the sale. This means that many times you can get mail order companies to sell your product when large retail stores will not—or cannot!

No matter what type of product you have, there is a special direct marketer for it; and the NMOA is your direct link to them!

" As a manufacturer and as a sales rep, I never leave the NMOA out of my promotional efforts. Each product I'm involved with gets at least a year of promotion in the NMOA network; a full buying cycle. I get tons of exposure for my products for pennies, and more than my money's worth of solid leads. I can't recommend using the NMOA product promotion service enough."
Jeremiah James

Thousands of catalogs, mail order companies, specialty and independent retailers come to the NMOA and look for new products to sell each month. In fact, around 500 visit our new product department each and every day! Your product should be put in front of them.

Products featured on our site have been successful in getting tested and placed in these fine catalogs, as well as by other direct marketers and independent retailers.

  • Casual Living
  • Walter Drake
  • Starcrest
  • Miles Kimball
  • Whatever Works
  • Solutions
  • Amerimark
  • Potpourri
  • What on Earth
  • Taylor Gifts
  • Paradigm Gifts
  • Healthy Living
  • LTD Commodities
"I've been promoting my product line on the NMOA site for almost four years and have had great results in getting new leads of retail merchants across the continent wanting to sell my products. The NMOA even helped me to expand my line into Canada".
Diane F. Baumann
Kidz Entertainment, Inc.

Over 500 marketers visit our product department Each Day!

For just about $1.28 per day after set up...we will put your product in front of thousands—yes thousands—of potential marketers each month. And you can start the entire product-marketing program for just $199.00 that includes 3 full months of promotion.

With this package we incorporate a 5-tier marketing approach for promoting your product and at the same time optimizing your main website for search engine visibility and higher rankings.

First: we create a custom product webpage (with keyword rich links to your main site) that resides on our website promoting your product for a full three months.

we post a picture of your product right on the home page of our product department.

we send out a Product Announcement in one of our weekly e-newsletters that goes to about 10,000 marketers.

Forth: we link your product under the ideal category for it in our wholesale product index so buyers can find you by the type of product you wholesale. With over 100 different product categories, your listing is extremely accurate and makes sure your product is easy to find when someone is looking for your specific type of product.

Being listed here also gives you another valuable 'keyword' link to your website that helps optimize your company's search engine rankings. Your own webmaster will tell you that the most important element of getting higher rankings in search engines is having other high ranking and relevant websites linking to yours.

We post your product on our facebook page for new products, and we also send a link to all our twitter followers, and post it on our Pinterest account page.  Note: We have some big twitter followers that in turn tweet to thousands of if they like your product it could go viral and reach thousands more!

GREAT EXPORT OPPORTUNITIES: When you promote your products through the NMOA Product Promotion Program, you open up a world of export opportunities and international distribution as well. We have marketers from over 150 countries that use our site and subscribe to our weekly newsletter. (Check our Monthly Country Statistics)

"I've been working with John Schulte and the NMOA for about 2 years now. I've received inquiries....and more importantly orders....from resellers all over the world. I can say with confidence I would NEVER have reached, let alone signed, some of my retailers without the help of John and the NMOA. I'd recommend them without hesitation..."
Dan Greenberg
Back Booster LLC

Just $199.00 gets you started and going for a full three months. After the first three months, your product promotion continues for about $1.00 per day (billed $30.00 monthly.) You can cancel any time you want after the first 3 months! But we bet you won't.

Advertising Cooperative -- Only for Members of the Program!

When you are part of the NMOA product promotion program you also qualify to participate in co-op advertising deals we make with various wholesale sourcing magazines. The latest opportunity for 2012 is with Independent Retailer:

This is where the NMOA buys full page advertisements at steep discounts from the magazine and 6 product members split this cost. In this example a 1/6 share is only $100 per issue. See sample:
If you advertised in Independent Retailer independently it would cost you $230.00 for a 1/6 page ad, and you would have to commit to buying 3 months for a total of $690.00.

You can easily see how you can leverage your marketing dollars by participating in the NMOA Product Promotion Program.

There is no product marketing program that offers such a full featured value for promoting your product on a wholesale basis to direct marketing and specialty retailers. Get started today! Click here to sign up.

Extra Publicity Opportunities! Did you know that editors and writers from other trade and consumer magazines visit our site regularly looking for products to write about? It's true, a good number of new products promoted on our site have been interviewed and featured in other magazines as news items. This extra publicity costs you's just being in the right place at the right time with the right product. We can't guarantee you'll be one of the ones to be picked for a write up, but if you're not here promoting your product...we can guarantee you won't.

"I've been working with John Schulte and NMOA for only about 6 months now and have already seen a dramatic increase in the interest for my product line. Very pleased with the results and would recommend NMOA to anyone."
Matt Craig
Cherry Street Enterprises Inc.

Search Engine Benefits: It's so important to reiterate the importance of the SEO side benefits that the NMOA product promotion program gives you. Natural search engine rankings is something every company with a website covets. Everyone wants to be on the first page of results when searches are done that match their particular area of business. If you don't want to pay for first page results forever using expensive Pay Per Click advertising -- you need to engage in SEO tactics to build up your rankings naturally.

This involves a number of factors, the most important being relevant links to your website from other websites that have good 'link juice' to share with you. The NMOA product promotion program provides you with this link juice, so not only do you get great product exposure, you also benefit by increasing your company's overall search engine ranking.

"NMOA has been a great help in connecting us with potential retail and distributor opportunities in the U.S. and abroad, many of which have become solid business relationships. It's a pleasure working with them."
Margie Williams
Cypress Creek Marketing

So what's the catch to this incredible product promotion offer? Nothing. We just ask that you submit the pictures and information about your product according to our webmaster's easy requirements:

Once you order the program you will get a confirmation email asking you to email us one or two images of your product, (showing the product in use is good,) each 250 pixels wide or less, in GIF or JPEG format, along with 350 words or so of product information you want to accompany the images. Make sure you mention any special 'key words' or 'key phrases' you want us to use for your web links. (If you need your digital pictures sized let us know.)

I challenge you to find a more cost effective way to put your product in front of so many marketers for such a low cost. No matter what other methods you currently use to promote your products, the National Mail Order Association offers you a great low cost way to supplement what you are now doing.

Sign up today, and start the ball rolling.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover credit cards.

CLICK HERE TO ORDER the NMOA Product Promotion Package Now!

For questions on this program, or if you have more than one key product to promote, contact Cindy at or call her at 612-788-1673. We are here to help you market your product.

SAVE $104.00 - Promote your product for a full year for just $365.00
If you're product is a proven seller, and you don't need to use our month-to-month pricing structure,
then you can same some money by purchasing a full year of promotion at a discount. Just a buck a day!
Just click here to order a full year for $365.00

Do you have an in-house sales department that would like to personally and proactively contact catalogs about your product? Then check out our exclusive catalog search  to find catalogs and their contact information.

Is your company located out of the USA? Do you need catalog research done and samples of catalogs sent to you for evaluation? The NMOA has a research program just for you. Please contact John Schulte at or 612-788-1673 for help.


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