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National Mail Order Association

Direct Marketing Vendor and Service Provider
Co-op Marketing Program

The Ultimate in Co-op Marketing!

Do you provide a product or service that helps small and midsize businesses in marketing and sales?

- Mailing List Provider
- Catalog
- Direct Mail Printer
- Website Developer
- Advertising Agency
- Copywriter
- Graphic Design
- Direct Mailing Service
- Social Media Marketing Service
- Marketing Strategist
- etc..etc..

Or, do you provide a product or service needed to conduct business or complete a sales cycle?

- Fulfillment House
- Credit Card Processor
- Call Center
- Mailing Equipment
- Law Firm
- Website Development
- Analytics
- Specialized Software, like Affiliate Tracking or Shopping Cart
- etc..etc..

If you do, you can promote your company inexpensively with the NMOA co-op marketing program
...without competition.

And that's where we'll start our message...'no competition.' You see, with the NMOA co-op program we only allow one company per service category per year. Once a spot is taken, that's it for a year. We now run a yearly program so if you miss your chance, you have to wait in line until the spot opens up.

Here's how it works.

- The cost to participate for a year is $1,200 and you are guaranteed a minimum of 120 leads.*
- You have to commit to the full year...there are no exceptions. Although, we can set you up with automated monthly billing if you wish.
- Everyone has the same size ad in our monthly newsletter 'Direct Marketing Success Stories.' We will rotate the ads in the newsletter each month so each sponsor will have exposure on various pages of the newsletter.
- You will be supplied a PDF version each month to give away through your own marketing and promotional efforts, thus adding additional exposure for the entire co-op effort.

To qualify for guaranteed leads, you must supply something free to give away that people will register to get so it can be tracked. An example would be a White Paper. It really can be anything of perceived value that would attract the right type of customer you are seeking. If at years end the minimum is not met, we will deduct $10.00 for each lead missing from the following years sponsorship fee.

Also included in the program.

- Your logo and 100 word description and your free offer will be listed on the NMOA website under the 'Industry Contact' page. Over 1,500 people use our site each day.

- You will be allowed to submit educational and information articles regarding your area of expertise during the year. These articles go out weekly to our entire member network of approximately 10,000. Every one is archived on the NMOA site this has long term SEO value for growing organic search engine rankings.

- You will be given access to post company news releases on This has good long term SEO value as well and goes to all our Twitter followers. NOTE: You are required to use standard Press Release Protocol and can not SPAM the site with repeated or irrelevant postings. Important Note: Each of your Press Releases gets Spidered by Google and the headline of your press release also appears on the NMOA website through an RSS feed, which in turn feeds our twitter followers, which in turn feeds NMOA president's business facebook profile.

- You will receive one vendor promotion feature in our e-news that goes out to about 10,000 network members. See back issues here: 

- You will receive a 2" x 3.5" business card size ad in our New Product and Wholesale Sourcing newsletter. Not exclusive.
Sample here:

There is no other direct marketing related advertising program like this...a program that guarantees you a minimum amount of leads for your promotional dollar. With no top out number or extra costs involved. And one that adds exceptional SEO components for increasing your natural search engine rankings.

Over 1,500 small to midsize businesses (and some big ones too) use the NMOA website each day from all over the world. (Check our Monthly Country Statistics) and Check our Monthly State and City Statistics)

And we are always

This link building through press releases will help raise your company's natural rankings in search engines. As any search engine expert will tell you, the more industry relevant content and links pointing to your company's website -- the better your natural search engine rankings become. Natural search engine rankings are not paid listings, it's where your company shows up when someone searches the web using terms related to your product or service. The higher your search engine ranking, the more visible your company becomes on the web. It's important for your company to work towards developing higher natural rankings so you can eventually reduce some of your dependence on paid search engine rankings.

And while natural search engine rankings are free, they take time and effort to achieve.

Your NMOA membership includes access to two important direct marketing websites for creating this extra content and links to your company's website. and

With you have the ability to post key-word rich news about your company (with links) anytime you want. It's unlimited...even if you have news about your company each week you can post it. And with each news item you post you have more industry content associated with your company's website for search engines to pick up, and another inbound link to your company website for search engine spiders to follow. Most press release and news announcement services charge you more to do this (just one time) than an entire years membership in the NMOA.

With anytime you put on a direct marketing seminar, webinar, tele-seminar, open house, or other direct marketing event, you can post it (with links) to your site at no additional charge.

But your membership does not stop there when it comes to getting you more links and exposure for your company. You will also have byline article submission privileges. If you can provide industry specific "how to" information in an educational and informational way (not advertorials), our editor will approve your article to run in one of our weekly newsletters, and then have it archived on our website. Of course your byline will also include a link back to your website.

Join now by clicking here.

Need more information? Let's recap.

Let's check off the ways NMOA publishing package works to help build your business.


  • Free 1" x 2.5" advertisement in our product sourcing newsletter.
  • Unlimited* press release posts in Direct Marketing Newswire. (*Must not be duplicate posts and follow standard press release format.)
  • Unlimited* posts
  • Exposure to 1,500 potential clients each day by being featured in our ???? under the category of your choice, with a keyword/key phrase text ad using up to 100 words.
  • Improved website rankings by having additional industry relevant links pointing to your website.
  • Extra exposure through industry articles that include additional links to your website.
  • Additional exposure through unlimited Press Release placement with links through
  • Promote your company's webinars, seminars, tele-seminars, open houses, or other direct marketing events, by posting them for free on With links to your site.
  • Free 100-word permanent listing in the NMOA Industry Contact Directory that goes to all reseller members and many book buyers.

As you see, NMOA membership more ways than one.

Don't be fooled by the low cost...we can offer you this great promotional program because we are a longtime player in the industry...37 years! Our network is mature and growing worldwide, we don't have to charge you inflated fees to try and build a new network from scratch. You are joining a proven network from the get-go. We run lean and mean, and you get to take advantage of it.

We invest in our members! We bring you new blood. We connect people with needs and problems to the people with solutions. That's our focus. YOU!

Join the NMOA Service Provider Promotion Program right now. We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express, or PayPal.

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Tel: 612-788-1673
Office Hours: Monday-Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm Central Time

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