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 Direct Marketing Digest  
formerly Mail Order Digest

Coming Soon!!!

Direct Marketing Digest Magazine

Direct Marketing Digest will help you be more successful in your business!

Direct Marketing Digest
is being revamped...and will be available soon.

  Our 'brand new' publication will provide you the small business owner and entrepreneur with practical business building information
in the areas of advertising, direct marketing and publicity.
YES...that includes all the latest Internet and web based marketing tactics that are now part of the direct marketing tool mix.

Here's what you can look forward to!

We will strive to give you practical instruction that can be put to use immediately to grow your business.

We will work to present this information in easy to understand language that does not require a PhD to figure out.

The corner stone of each issue of Direct Marketing Digest will be an exclusive in-depth interview with the founder of a successful
direct marketing related company.
These interviews are titled, "Direct Marketing Success Stories."

You will learn about successful business tactics and strategies right from the horse's mouth!

In each success story interview we will ask the founder over 30 questions, starting right from their childhood and leading up to
the business success they are enjoying now. You will hear how they did it in their own words. We don't leave anything out...
you get the full and complete answers they give.
We don't edit, change, or infer a thing. We bring it to you direct!

Each success story interview will give you the main components or factors that lead to the
start and resulting success of the founder and his/her business.

Through these interviews, you the small businesses owner and entrepreneur will gain the valuable insights that only experience can give.

You will learn how they got the idea, and whether they had a detailed business plan or a napkin-sized outline.
You will learn how they financed the launch, how they got through tough times and what was their big break.

You will hear how their thought process works and how they make important decisions. Who they look up to and what advice they offer YOU!

These success stories will give you a beacon of light to follow. You will be able to relate and assimilate the answers
from each interview to your own particular business situation or aspiration.

You will come away with new ideas, new tactics, and uplifted in spirit with a certain new confidence that's needed
to carry on the daunting task of building a successful business and achieving the American dream.

Information that can be turned into money!

Since June of 1972, Direct Marketing Digest (formerly Mail Order Digest) has been providing unique direct marketing information to
entrepreneurial-minded executives and companies all over the world.

Whether you're already involved in a direct marketing business and looking to grow and expand, or are a Fortune 500 executive who
wants to leave the rat race and do your own thing, or simply a person who wants to start a business on the side from your home for your
own financial independence, Direct Marketing Digest is the publication to help you do it.

Each issue will bring you new opportunities for potential profit.
This could come from a new product you could market, a direct marketing/mail order business for sale, a new business concept, a trend
you can capitalize on, a new business contact or partner, or some special training opportunity.

Direct Marketing Digest editors sift and scour through thousands of bits of business information each month to bring you
the best nuggets of opportunity as it relates to direct marketing and mail order selling.

The information found in Direct Marketing Digest is highly valuable to people who "do" business -- and not just read about it.

To sum it up, the types of topics you will find covered in the pages of Direct Marketing Digest will include:

Advertising Strategies
Affiliate Marketing
Auction Selling - Online
Direct Mail and Catalog Selling
Email Marketing
Internet and Electronic Marketing Tactics
Lead Generation for a Sales Department
Operating a web store
Magazine and Newspaper advertising
Mobile and Text Marketing
New Business Opportunities
New Products to Sell
Publicity Strategies
Search Engine Marketing
Search Engine Optimization
Social Media Marketing
Selling a Product with Infomercials, DRTV and YouTube

To be notified when the first new issue is available, make sure you are part of the FREE NMOA business network.
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National Mail Order Association, LLC
2807 Polk St. NE Minneapolis MN 55418-2954 USA
Tel: 612-788-1673

Office Hours: Monday-Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm Central Time

General Information:
For specific inquiries, please see our contact page

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