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National Mail Order Association

Federal Trade Commission
Mail or Telephone Order Merchandise

Table of Contents


  • What is Mail or Telephone Order Merchandise?
  • What is the Mail or Telephone Order Rule?

How to Comply with the Rule

  • What You Should Know Before You Make a Shipment Representation
  • What You Must Know Before Making Shipment Representations in Sales 
  • Involving Credit Applications
  • When Your Fulfillment or Other Obligations Begin ("Properly Completed" Orders)
  • What You Must Do if You Learn You Cannot Ship on Time
  • What a First Delay Option Notice Must Say
  • What Later Notices Must Say
  • When You May Cancel and Order
  • When You Must Cancel and Order
  • How Quickly You Must Make a Refund
  • How Much You Must Refund
  • Why You Should Keep Records
  • What the Rule Does Not Cover
  • Why You Should Comply with the Rule

Questions and Answers About the Rule

  • Using a Fulfillment House or Drop-Shipper
  • "Bill-me" Orders; Sales on Approval
  • Unordered Merchandise
  • Insurance Charges
  • Substitutions
  • Dry-Testing
  • Qualifying 30-day or Other Shipment Representations

Table of Contents
How to Comply
Questions and Answers

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